Splendid Saturdays – April 19

Hi everyone! Welcome to the first edition of a new series: Dear Saturday.

In this weekly series, I’ll be sharing my highlights from the past week: Saturday – Friday. The inspiration behind this series comes from the Super Saturday I had with my three amazing #octothorpe Hoyas: Rebecca, Dimitra, and Victor. It’s hangouts like those that I hope to remember for a long, long time, and what better way than to write about it?

So back to last Saturday – as always, I began the weekend with Nike+ Run Club’s weekly Long Run session. It can be a pain to get up at 6:30AM in the morning to get into the city in time for the 9:04AM session but the fun (and soreness) afterwards are awesome! The coaches are amazing, the pacers push you hard, and everyone is pumped up to RUN, RUN, RUN.

The course changes each week, and the route for that Saturday happened to run across the 59th Street Bridge into Queens, over the Pulaski Bridge into Brooklyn, and back to Niketown on 57th Street and 5th Avenue. It was a beautiful day – a bit of a chilly start but it warmed up quickly and blessed NYC with pre-official Spring weather. It was my first time running across the Pulaski bridge and I was able to take a couple amazing shots of the view – thanks to a passing towboat that prevented us from passing the bridge for about 5 minutes.


Pulaski Bridge


Between Queens and Brooklyn

I’m thankful for every day that I’m able to run. For me, the first couple of miles are always hard, but once I start running farther – every step, every mile – it feels better and better. It’s the BEST feeling ever! I’m so pumped for the start of this year’s running season. It’s feels like Spring – not New Year’s – brings more people into the “workout mode”. It’s just too cold in January!

After my long run with NRC, I headed downtown to what I had been looking to all day of the week: seeing 3 of my bestest friends from Georgetown. I hadn’t seen two of them since graduation in May, and had only met up briefly with Rebecca. We were tourists in my city for the day!

We started out at Cornelia Street Cafe, a cozy cafe on – you guessed it – Cornelia Street. The food was delicious and priced reasonably for a NYC establishment.

It was a beautiful day so we headed out to the Whitney Museum in Chelsea. The line was super-long and wrapped around twice before the ticket area, so we decided to skip it and explore the High Line and Chelsea Market.

After the Chelsea Market venture, we decided to head towards the subway and call it a day. But spontaneity led us to THE MOST MEMORABLE ART EXHIBIT I’ve ever been to. It looked to be a pop-up temporary exhibit about the artist’s interpretation of the Chinese dragon dance and its symbolism of devils through a variety of paintings, photographs, and videos. It scared the poop out of me. I’m like kidding – I would rather watch all the episodes of Criminal Minds than go through the exhibit again…

But the more creepy part was the bathroom. The men’s and women’s restroom were divided by a glass wall so you could see across to the other restroom. And the toilets were black…

The rest of my week was full of yummy nom-noms. My team did go to Kunjip, a Korean restaurant, to send off a director for retirement on our team. It was delicious, as you can see below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And yesterday, we went to Del Frisco’s for a Thank You lunch.

That was how my week went. Check back next Saturday for more happenings!



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