Semi-failed Brownies

Remind me not to add food coloring to chocolate – or at least green food coloring.

It was St. Patrick’s Day on Thursday so to join in the festive spirit, I attempted to bake green brownies. worst baking decision for presentation.


Don’t get me wrong. The brownies were fudgy amazingness, maybe a bit too fudgy for my liking. But the color was just not right. It was as my sister described it: “like sewage water”.

Despite missing the mark on getting that glossy chocolate-brown top, the taste and texture was better than my first brownie attempt. The review below, given by my own dessert connoisseur aka my sister Christine, sums it up:

“Fudgey and soft. I personally like it a bit more chewy but that’s just personal preference. The taste is excellent though. Sweet but like genuine chocolate sweet, and not sugar sweet.”

Am I a little blue that my brownies weren’t perfect? Yes. Did I not want to share them? Yes. Did I want to throw it away? Yes.

IMG_0982But off color brownies can still be shared, especially if the taste is still quite good. I’ll take this as a lesson learned and learn from my mistakes. I haven’t perfected the ultimate brownie, but cooking is a journey. A lifelong journey.



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