Pier 72 Cafe

Sometimes your neighborhood cafe cooks up food better than any cafe that’s made a ‘must-eat-before-your-die-gazillion-star-zagat-rated’ food lists. When you think real good food from home, do you think of Eleven Madison Park, Bouley, Sushi Yasuda, or Four Seasons? Don’t get me wrong – I would LOVE to eat at one of those places, even if it’s one time in my lifetime. But when I want food after a bad day, I immediately think of Pier 72 Cafe, a small family-style cafe on the corner of 72nd Street and West End Avenue.

This past Saturday I met up with one of my piano teachers, Ms. Lisa, for a belated birthday brunch. We hadn’t seen each other in forever and a get-together was long overdue. I had accidentally ran 14.2 miles earlier in the morning so I was almost an hour late (apologies and thank you for waiting again everyone!) and so so HUNGRY.

It was packed when I got to the restaurant, but luckily my mommy, Christine, and Ms. Lisa had already been there for almost an hour so I didn’t have to wait for a table. Everyone had already finished their food, so I couldn’t snap any photos, but they must have been good if it was all gone.

The menu offered a good variety, ranging from omelettes to waffles to burgers. Christine loved her Aztec omelette (cheddar cheese and salsa) with french fries (of course) and Mom enjoyed her Neapolitan egg-white omelette with hash browns and wheat toast. Ms. Lisa had poached eggs and ham, which Louis, her adorable dog, chowed down when he came for a quick visit.

It took me a while to make my decision but I finally settled on the turkey burger deluxe, complete with tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, coleslaw, and french fries. Look at this deliciousness:

IMG_1003Now I normally don’t order burgers at diner-cafes because they always come out ginormous and oily – like a heart attack waiting to happen. But Mom convinced me to get a burger (with fries since she wanted some) so I gave in and ordered just that.

I was so happy that I did. The burger was just the right size, juicy but not oily, and the best burger I’ve had in a while. I finished the WHOLE thing (minus the pickles) which is saying A LOT!

The food isn’t the only reason for its neighborhood-homey atmosphere. The owner and waitress were super nice. Christine needed to go to the bathroom but was a bit confused (and scared) on how to get there so the owner personally led her there. The waitress was so sweet and patient with us – letting us stay there for almost two hours even though it was a full house.

Pier 72 Cafe is definitely someplace I would come to again for a great brunch. They don’t have an official website but check out its review on Yelp and sample menu. You won’t be disappointed!


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