Splendid Saturday – April 26

What a week to start off Spring running season!

I’m getting back into running a consistent schedule for the upcoming NYC Marathon this November, and I’m so so thankful for Nike. The Nike+ Run Club is just so awesomely amazing. The pacers are so supportive and encouraging and Coach Julia gets everyone pumped up at every single workout session.

This Saturday, I accidentally ran 14.2 miles, and it felt amazing! I say accidentally because the route was supposed to be 12 miles but when you’re running in the city, you tend to wander off and explore.

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 5.54.09 PMBut because of the unexpected 2 extra miles, I was late to brunch with my piano teacher. It was so nice to catch up with her!

On Sunday, I woke up at 5am to volunteer at the United Airlines 1/2 Marathon. Thank God the snow was delayed and we had a clear, but chilly morning. Otherwise, I would have stayed indoors and missed the opportunity to see my boss finish the race. It was cold waiting for the runners – I thought my feet would freeze off. I was part of the food bag distribution team, so we had to wait for all the runners to finish. But once the runners started to come – boy did they come in hordes. I was so busy crawling into the jumbo cardboard boxes to grab and hand out the food bags that the cold I felt went away quickly. The runners were so grateful -many of them said thank you, despite their exhaustion. It was a great race to volunteer in.

Top Women Finisher IMG_1018

It was a short and chill week at work due to the upcoming holiday weekend. We did have a good-bye party for a director on the team, which brought us out of our cake-eating hiatus. You see, my team has a reputation of being the foodie team because we always have snacks lying around somewhere. In fact, I’m pretty sure we still have a box of Girl Scout Cookies leftover from last year – before I even joined the team. They’re actually expired (only by a few months), but I’ve been told they still taste great. (I guess the Best By Date is just for show?!?!)

Speaking of cookies, I found this interesting Cookie guide from King Arthur Flour on finding your perfect chocolate chip cookie. On Friday, when I made an excursion to Trader Joe’s, I bought a bag semi-sweet chocolate chips (so look out for that chocolate chip cookie post).

The weekend started on Friday when I had a mother daughter day with the best mom ever at Macy’s Annual Flower Show. Mom loves flowers so it was nice to chill with her 🙂

And finally, for the upcoming long(ish) weekend, I’m planning an semi-Easter dinner before Christine’s Easter Vigil. Check back during the week for which recipe I may have made from my Easter Favorites!

Till next Saturday!



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