Run As One

3 down, 6 to go to qualify for the 2018 NYC Marathon!

This weekend was perfect for running, (i.e. after 12pm on Saturday). I braved the light rain and ran my usual  Nike+ Run Club. It was wet and muddy but I survived and came back in one piece, finishing 12 miles at a 9:15 average pace.

The next morning was the Run As One 4 miler. The race is presented by JP Morgan Chase to raise funds and awareness for lung cancer. The event honors former Chase Manhattan Bank chairman Thomas G. Labrecque, a lifelong never-smoker who died of lung cancer at age 62.

IMG_1258I got up at 5:40AM again and got ready to head out to Central Park. I really don’t mind waking up early to run but when it’s chilly, I kind of just want to curl back in bed. But I guess running brings out my superhero-ness and allows me to go out in the rain and cold.

By the time I was out in Manhattan, it had warmed up a few degrees. Still a bit cool for my liking so I warmed up with my fleece jacket on for half mile jog and half mile of dynamic exercises. By then, I was ready to check in my bag and prep myself for the run.

I did about 10-15 minutes more of stretches to keep my muscles loose and then headed to my corral. By 8:20AM the corrals were filling up and the sun was finally shining on high warmth. I know runners who like to run in the cold, but really like running in the heat. Both extremes are hard but I’d choose heat over cold winds any day.

The race started promptly at 8:30AM with staggered starts after each corral. The new system worked well in my opinion. When I started there was space for me to run and I didn’t feel like I was tripping on other people. Having run Central Park a good number of times now, I was prepared for what to expect. On the East side: Cat Hill. Slight decline. Slight incline. Flat. Turning in on 102nd Street and avoiding Harlem Hill (Thank God!). Second half on the West side: 3 rolling hills. Flat and downhill to 72nd Street.

I ran hard, telling myself that it was only 4 miles. I had done 12 miles the day before. This was only a third of it. And after the first mile, it was just a little less than a 5K. I got water at every water stop, which I’ve learned to take and drink successfully. Another skill I’ve learned in my running journey and is so so important. Maybe it’s all in the mind but I think a bit of water really gives me a shot of energy. And no – I don’t eat that nasty GU stuff. I had it once and wanted to throw up. YUCK!

As for the finish, I felt great! A little out of breath given that I sprinted the last 0.1 miles after the turn on 72nd Street. Finishing time: 32:28. Not bad I guess? I spent some time the Health Fair and post race activities. But I was getting tired so I went home after some stretching to enjoy the rest of my weekend. It was, after all, the second weekend that I woke up early on Saturday and Sunday to go out to run. I’m actually pretty glad that I have no race next Sunday and can sleep in a bit. Waking up at 5:30 AM six days a week is ok, but 7? It gets to you after a while. I do sleep a good amount – usually 10:30 or 11:00 PM the night before to rest for my run. But sometimes sleeping in to 8AM feels oh so good.



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