Returning from blogging hiatus

It’s been a while (actually 5 months) since I’ve posted anything. I’ll admit that I’ve been lazy and writing isn’t my passion.


Photos and videos are my jam. But I’ve had a change of mind – and it’s all thanks to Christine from Boutiquefull. (Go check it out – it’s pretty fabulous).

We were going for a run today and she mentioned that I should take up blogging again, so that we could be blogging twins. One reason I stopped writing was because I felt it was too much work posting all the recipes I tried baking/cooking. By the time I was done baking cookies or decorating a cake, I had forgotten to take any photos at all for the blog. I always ended up just having a photo of the finished product to post on Instagram, and decided from then to just use Instagram as my social media outlet.

But I’ve since gotten a bit better at remembering to take photos during different steps of the recipe. It’s not on the same level as the food blogs I follow, but I always link and credit the sites where I get my recipes anyway. I’m not recipe developing yet so I wouldn’t have to re-write the recipe.

I decided to take on a different approach to my blog. I’ll be sharing recipes, workouts, and random happenings during my week. Hope to social with you all soon!


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