Crazy weather week + winter running

We got some wild weather last week (not that I’m complaining). It started off super cold with temperatures feeling in the sub-10 degrees range on last Sunday after the first snowfall of the year and continued into Monday. I opted to stay inside to bake cookies and muffins for the week, which kept the house quite warm!

The week warmed up each day after that and reached a fabulously beautiful 60 degrees on Thursday. Even though I had done a 6 mile tempo treadmill run on Wednesday, I couldn’t resist not running outside to enjoy the great running weather. So, I did an easy 5 mile recovery run after work and captured this beauty.


Unfortunately the great weather ended Friday and temperatures dropped into the 20s and 30s on Saturday when my sister and I went out for a 9 mile long run to Coney Island. There wasn’t a lot of wind so with our UA ColdGear and light jacket, it wasn’t too bad. I ran an easy 11:26 pace with her since she is just taking up running. It was nice to run together and we promised to have a monthly run, just the two of us for some sister time.

Yesterday, on Sunday I went out for my own run to acclimate myself to running in the cold. I’ve actually learned to enjoy it. If you are anyone who knows me, I HATE the cold. I’m literally the worst person to be around in the cold. I’m cranky. grouchy. crabby. Basically the world’s biggest hermit. But unless I’m running in a snowstorm with Siberia-like wind gusts, I think I can handle it. Sure I’ve got to slow down my pace if there’s ice or snow, but it’s actually refreshing to get out in the cold to get the blood flowing. Summer running is nice, but really icky by the end. Winter running is refreshing and I don’t feel as disgusting, but of course getting warmed up afterwards is the main priority. I don’t want to catch a cold!

After the run, I headed to the new NYRRRun Center to pick up runnings bibs for next Sunday’s Fred LeBow Half Marathon. The new space was awesome and it was great to see race stats, running gear, and lockers available for use. I’ll definitely be using those when I want to run in Central Park.

I also stopped at Juice Press for one of their free juices from participating in their #willrunforjuice Instagram campaign. Every Sunday morning, from 9am until 12pm  you get a free juice when you go on a run, and post to Instagram with #willrunforjuice, #juicepress. Then you go to any of their local Juice Press locations, show the cashier your photo and get a free juice! It’s a great motivation for cold winter running. I chose the blueberry protein smoothie. (FYI disclaimer: I did not realize the full name of the drink before choosing. I just saw blueberry and was won over.)

Today is Martin Luther King Day so I get the day off. Taking a day off from running, so I’ll be making dinner. Cross my fingers that it’ll be a success. If it’s good enough nd presentable, I’ll be sure to share it here!

Last weeks workouts:

Sunday: REST (and baking)

Monday: Nike speed workout

Tuesday: PopSugar dumbbell workout

Wednesday: Nike 6 mile tempo workout

Thursday: 5 mile easy run

Friday: REST (and Barnes & Nobles)

Saturday: 9 mile run


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