Running Goals Revisited

The new year is already more than 3 weeks in, but it’s the first day of the lunar new year so I think it’s still a good time to rethink my running goals. I’ve given some thought on what I want to do with my running. Now that I’ve completed the NYC Marathon once, I need something else to achieve. I’m definitely running it this year, through the 9+1 program, and next year with my sister. There are some people who run it every year and that’s good for them, but I need something different.

Of course, running the same race each year brings about a different experience. Even if the course is exactly the same, the weather, your physique, your training, and your mental strength will always be different. There are some people who run the NYC Marathon every year and kudos to them. But many marathons are in the Fall season and running NYC every year will leave me with no energy with other races. I’m not a professional runner so training for one marathon is exhausting enough.

So I’ve decided on 5 goals:

Short term –

  1. Run NYC 2017 and 2018
  2. Run 2020 and every 5 years after that

Long term –

  1. Travel to other places for functions
  2. Strengthen my muscles and build flexibility to be a better runner
  3.  Run for charity at least once

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