3rd Annual NYRR Mini 10K

I ran my slowest race yesterday but it is and will always be the most memorable and funnest one. Why? Because I ran the entire thing with my favorite twin Christine. We even crossed the finish line hand in hand!

Although I’ve started with my sister in her corral for every race this year, I’ve always “ditched” her after the start, ran my own pace, and met up with her at the finish. But since this was my and her first race since we started running NYRR races (my third / her second mini 10K), I decided to make it special and run the entire course with her.


And….I had a blast! We took snaps, selfies, and boomerangs. It was so much fun, although I felt bad that I might have pushed her a bit hard in the beginning.  We actually didn’t PR by her standards compared to last year’s race (finished 1:00 minute slower). We think it’s because we went out too hard and she was so tired by the end.


I can’t say that I didn’t benefit from it too. Ever since my on-again-off-again hamstring and calf pain, I’ve had a hard time getting fast again. I would still run through the pain but pay for it afterwards. My recovery time has increased from 1 day to 2 days. I felt pretty good after the race today, which was a plus since I have another one next Saturday.



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