Moonshot: Camp Week 0 and Week 1

This Fall I’ll be running my 4th and 5th marathon – Chicago & NYC!

I’m particularly excited because this season I’ll be training with Nike’s Project Moonshot 2.0 ~ Class of 2018!

Having finished 3 Marathons already, I really needed to revisit my focus and motivations for running one again. Don’t get me wrong – I love running – but contrary to popular belief that runners are crazy and insane people, we each have a story for running. Race day can give us that runner’s high, but the training behind it can still be long and hard.

Nike is my favorite sports brand because of the message behind it – anyone can be an athlete. With Project Moonshot, this is true. I’ve never seen myself as an athlete – running is a social thing for me. Camp Week 0 has us thinking about our goals – something I’ve never really thought about before.

This year my goal is to discover the best runner in me. For the past 2 training seasons, I’ve trained with the occasional running group, but mostly by myself. For the next 15 weeks, I have a new family to run with, to push me further, and to test my limits. I may or may not get that BQ time but I hope to find the best running me.


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