Sunny Saturdays + Smiles for Miles

After two long, long weeks of rain, we finally enjoyed a week of sun and 70 degree weather. Can I get a HELLO SUMMER ❤ ❤ ❤ ?!?!?!

I just LOVE LOVE LOVE the sunny sunshine. It always make me so happy and excited about the day, even if I don’t do anything. This May started with dreary skies, steady rain, and cooler than normal Spring temperatures. Last year this time, I clearly remember hot and almost humid weather. It was graduation weekend and running around from one event to the next was almost too hot to handle! But thankfully by Mother’s Day this year, it was  beautiful again and a start of a great Spring week.

To celebrate the gorgeous weather, I went for a run in Central Park as my final long run before the Brooklyn Half next Saturday. It did one loop around the park and one loop around the Reservoir. It was warmer than last week but hot, and I could feel it. I was a bit dehydrated at the end but I was able to do about 9 miles! The best part was being able to see the start the UAE 10K race. I usually don’t go to Central Park to see a race when I don’t run it so I don’t get to see the pro athletes at the start. This time, I was able to finish my run to see it. So exciting! Continue reading


Splendid Saturday – April 26

What a week to start off Spring running season!

I’m getting back into running a consistent schedule for the upcoming NYC Marathon this November, and I’m so so thankful for Nike. The Nike+ Run Club is just so awesomely amazing. The pacers are so supportive and encouraging and Coach Julia gets everyone pumped up at every single workout session.

This Saturday, I accidentally ran 14.2 miles, and it felt amazing! I say accidentally because the route was supposed to be 12 miles but when you’re running in the city, you tend to wander off and explore. Continue reading

Macy’s Annual Flower Show

It’s Friday (TGIF + Happy Good? Friday) and I….have….no…work….DUN….DUN…DUN….

What was I to do to myself? Anyone who knows me knows that I HATE (HATE HATE HATE) not doing anything.

So I did something new and hung out with Mom at Macy’s Annual Flower Show: America the Beautiful. I’m not a big flower fan, so this is saying a lot – as in I was willing to appreciate something that I am usually bored with. Continue reading

Splendid Saturdays – April 19

Hi everyone! Welcome to the first edition of a new series: Dear Saturday.

In this weekly series, I’ll be sharing my highlights from the past week: Saturday – Friday. The inspiration behind this series comes from the Super Saturday I had with my three amazing #octothorpe Hoyas: Rebecca, Dimitra, and Victor. It’s hangouts like those that I hope to remember for a long, long time, and what better way than to write about it?

So back to last Saturday – as always, I began the weekend with Nike+ Run Club’s weekly Long Run session. It can be a pain to get up at 6:30AM in the morning to get into the city in time for the 9:04AM session but the fun (and soreness) afterwards are awesome! The coaches are amazing, the pacers push you hard, and everyone is pumped up to RUN, RUN, RUN.

Continue reading