Call for Celebration

So, there’s going to be two posts today.

Why? 1. It’s Memorial Day so there’s no work. (More me time!) 2. I was lazy last week and didn’t post about two exciting news. 3. There are some great food photos below.

I’m just going to jump to the last point and say this is just a photo-ful post. No words. Like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Exciting newsworthy news #1: I finished the Brooklyn Half with my uncle!

So now we can finally sleep (not really)

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Scotland 10K + The Mermaid Inn

I officially kicked off the running season and ran my first NYRR race of 2016 – 1 down, 8 more to go!

Saturday, April 2 was the Scotland 10K – a little more than one loop around Central Park. My uncle and I both ran the race so it was more fun. Temperatures were around 50 degrees but it was raining so it was quite chilly. I wore only shorts and a T-shirt so I was fine during the race after warming up but cold after the race. I’m glad I made the decision to chill back at my uncle’s condo instead of stay for the post-race festivities and raffle before our brunch. The rain started getting harder by the time we were back at his place, and we were getting soaked. Continue reading

Pier 72 Cafe

Sometimes your neighborhood cafe cooks up food better than any cafe that’s made a ‘must-eat-before-your-die-gazillion-star-zagat-rated’ food lists. When you think real good food from home, do you think of Eleven Madison Park, Bouley, Sushi Yasuda, or Four Seasons? Don’t get me wrong – I would LOVE to eat at one of those places, even if it’s one time in my lifetime. But when I want food after a bad day, I immediately think of Pier 72 Cafe, a small family-style cafe on the corner of 72nd Street and West End Avenue.

This past Saturday I met up with one of my piano teachers, Ms. Lisa, for a belated birthday brunch. We hadn’t seen each other in forever and a get-together was long overdue. I had accidentally ran 14.2 miles earlier in the morning so I was almost an hour late (apologies and thank you for waiting again everyone!) and so so HUNGRY.

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