Steamed Custard Buns

Remember the steamed piggy buns from my Brooklyn Half post?

When I was a little kid, I hated bread. I thought it was the boring and cheap Chinese breakfast item. I always looked more forward to steamed rice noodle rolls, usually stuffed with roast pork or plain with a hoisin peanut butter sauce. Then suddenly, at some point at the end of high school/beginning of college, I started liking loving bread. Any kind, you name it – whole grain, potato buns, challah, rye, pumpernickel, focaccia. One of my favorite breads today are Chinese bakery buns, both steamed and baked. They’re warm and comforting, and can be full of surprises depending on the flavor hidden inside.

Today, I’m sharing with you a recipe from Jessica Gavin who’s developed a recipe for steamed custard buns. Her post has a lot of great step by step photos so please visit her website for more details.

DSC_0455.JPG Continue reading


Rainbow Bagels

I don’t like bagels but when they’re good enough for unicorns, I just can’t help myself.


Rainbow bagels = unicorn food, right? Sprinkles and rainbows make everything better. Trust me.

Rainbow bagels became the hot food trend when photos of them started appearing everywhere online. They’re the brainchild of Scot Rossillo, owner of The Bagel Store in Brooklyn, NY, who’s been making them for 20 years. See the video here for how they’re made in-house. You will be amazed.  Continue reading

Focaccia with Italian Herbs


What I love more than eating bread is baking bread. I always thought that baking bread was hard and something only professional bakers do. The idea of using yeast was completely foreign to me.

But after my first loaf, I fell in ❤ with baking bread. Sure, it takes time and practice. I continue to learn something new every time: the patience to wait through the hours of rising time (it takes me 1-2 days from start to finish sometimes), the correct way to knead, and the doughs of different types of bread. I’ve loved everything single part of it. Continue reading

Challah Dough

Homemade bread – oh how I’ve missed you!

It’s been 2 months since I’ve kneaded dough. That messy, sticky, soft, stretch wonderfulness felt like home in my hands. I’m no expert bread baker but after making bread about 5-6 times now, I’m getting the hang of kneading and resting and kneading.

I’ve wanted to make challah for a long time. Every since I tried it at a Shabbat service back in college, I’ve wanted to make it myself. It’s soft, eggy, and good to eat whenever, wherever. For this dough, I decided to use my KitchenAid and see the difference between kneading by hand versus kneading by machine. Amy’s Bread encourages kneading by hand to “really know” the dough, and I’ve been using my hands for the breads I’ve made, but I was lazy today *hehe* and short on time so I decided to bring out the dough hook. Continue reading